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Dear Event Marketers,
Trade shows and events continue to open for business across the USA and Canada. One of the largest cities for events, Las Vegas, is preparing now for this rapid comeback. In this month's edition, you can read what show halls and event organizers are doing now to make your next visit safe and successful.
This month we also cover several other important areas to help you prepare your event action plan, including budgeting tips, analyzing attendee traits and using the data to plan effeciently, developing an effective strategy by  leveraging both rational and emotional appeals and tips on how to safely use food giveaways to draw attendees to your booth.
It's time to get back to business and we are ready to serve you. Contact us for any of your trade show needs.
Matt Bohar
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Trade Show Are Back!
June's Featured Articles:

  Top Trade Show City Making Rapid Comeback

Las Vegas is the most well-known city for hosting some of the largest and most popular trade shows and events in the country, and it’s starting to get ready to roar once again. Hosting some of the top-rated trade shows as well as bringing in millions of attendees, there is no doubt that it will be ready for a rapid comeback in 2021 into 2022. Click here to learn what is happening now to make it all happen quick and effectively.

    How to Stretch Your Trade Show Budget Without Cutting Key Expenses

With a pandemic changing the course of the world, naturally, it also re-routed many businesses. Trade shows may be at the top of the list for many dealing with rerouted business plans. Whether it is deciding if trade shows even fit in the budget this year, cutting costs, or modifying marketing, changes are happening. Click here for a few planning tips you can use to stretch your budget before jumping to any conclusions! 

    Don't Forget About These Trade Show Attendee Traits

In-person marketing can be extremely effective when a well-thought sales plan is put in place. However, focusing on the human aspect during trade shows is where some exhibitors fall short – don’t let that be you! Before speaking successfully to a group of qualified buyers, it is important to know a few things about them first. Click here for a list of must-knows about trade show attendees that will keep your trade show staff on their toes and your marketing plan set on a track toward success. 

    Safe and Effective Food Freebie Practices for Exhibitors

It’s important to be up-to-date on proper food service techniques, especially when you’re giving away snacks as a form of a freebie at your trade shows or events. If your business is not in the foodservice industry but you’re giving away snacks in your booth, you might not be quite as aware as those who are in the industry. However, there are specific things to remember to make your food freebies effective giveaways. Click here for our tips.

    10 Tips for Developing Effective Event Strategy

In-person trade shows are making a rapid comeback, which is great news for all of us event marketers! However, much like with a lot of other industries, we can expect some changes the past year brought upon us to affect the traditional way we do things. That’s why developing an effective hybrid event strategy can lead to a more motivated buyer. Click here to check out our 10 questions to ask to learn how.

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Trade shows are back! But due to the pandemic, exhibitors will still need to look at how they use giveaways in their booth. Check out this webinar with some great tips and ideas on how you can promote your business at events safely and effectively.
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