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Dear Event Marketers,
Spring is near! And so is the return of live, in-person trade shows. How ever events evolve in the future, some things will never change. We have some great insights to support that, as well as an update on an upcoming show and how they are optimistic that their events will be successful and safe for attendees and exhibitors.
And for those that cannot attend live trade shows, hybrid events are a great alternative. We explain how they can help boost your exhibiting efforts in 2021. Plus, our April webinar (Restarting Trade Shows & Events Safely for Success) will be full of excellent advice and tips you can take when trade shows return.
Lastly, if you have any questions or need help planning for your next trade show or event, feel free to reach out to us. We are open for business.
Matt Bohar
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March's Featured Articles:

  Trade Shows Will Evolve, But These 5 Things Will Remain the Same

The trade show industry has done everything it could to find its way back. While we can all expect new precautions, rules, and safety limits to create an unfamiliar aspect at trade shows compared to how we once knew them, there are numerous things that we can expect to remain the same. Click here for 5 things that will not have gone anywhere when it comes to trade shows as we know them!

  New Technologies Making Trade Show Attendees Feel Safe in 2021

There are plenty of ways for large events to implement stricter health-safety measures, but many of these implementations are not exactly ‘new’ or innovative. However, there are new technologies that are going above and beyond the average safety measures we’ve seen throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. Click here to see just a few that are making the event world a little more comfortable for attendees.

    How to Add Space to Your Exhibit Floor Plan by Utilizing Storage

Now that the world is starting to get more of a grip on COVID-19 and trade shows will soon be able to resume, the next steps will include plenty of reevaluating, including floor space in their booth. It’s extremely important to create exhibit floor plans that are spacious and open, easy to navigate, and that look appealing and inviting. Click here to learn why.

    CinemaCon Expecting It's Largest In-Person Trade Show Yet in 2021

After a successful April 2019 event, CinemaCon, the largest gathering for the worldwide motion picture theater industry, closed its doors for the 2020 year. While the show was originally canceled, and then scheduled to take place in April of 2021, it was again postponed to its new set dates in August 2021. Click here to read how CinemaCon is prepared to jumpstart the excitement and buzz surrounding the box office this summer. 

    Why Hybrid Events Will Boost Your Trade Show Efforts in 2021

Virtual events have taken off recently, but they simply don’t replace the power of face-to-face marketing. Currently, there are many businesses that don’t feel comfortable sending their staff off to trade shows quite yet, and on the other hand, there are businesses that are giving their employees permission to travel. A hybrid event combines both the in-person and virtual setting of your trade show or event. Click here to learn how.

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